The Magical Luck Of The Irish

on Oct-06-2013 in Ireland

The Magical Luck Of The Irish

In 2006, the luck of the Irish brought us together. You could say that without the Irish, Paul and I would not be travelling around the world today.

Our nomadic journey is taking us three times this year to Dublin. Every visit is making it more attractive.

There is just something magical about this nation. You can feel it right away as the airplane lands in Dublin. Thick clouds are standing strong above the land. Some bits of light are breaking their way through them setting sparkles onto the sea. You even wonder whether a real fairy created this light as a welcome to Ireland.

Today, the luck of the Irish made something special happen again.

When we started our new life on the road, Paul said “One day, there will be a celebrity on the plane with us!”

Never in a million years, did we think that the first celebrity we would encounter would be one of our favorites.

When we were waiting today in the airport lounge in London, Paul suddenly saw a well dressed man looking at the departure screen with his back to us. As he looked closer, he thought that the person was standing exactly the same way as our favorite celeb on stage playing his bass guitar. He wasn’t sure if it was him so he sent me to check him out. I also could not tell for sure and of course you don’t really want to bother people.

Patience is an art in itself.

We headed for our flight from London to Dublin. There was still no sign of him when we got on the plane. The first row opposite us was kept free. Imagine your favorite celebrity sitting next to you on the plane? Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Just before the doors were shut, he boarded the plane. It really was Adam Clayton from U2. He did not sit next to us but just a few rows back.

After the flight, in Dublin, we even got an autograph from him. The luck of the Irish helped us again to meet a perfect gentleman.

We will post our travel report about Ireland within the next months.

In the meantime, thank you Irish, for your magical luck.

Interesting fact: Kristin’s (and earlier Paul’s as well before it was phased out) voice was one of the voices used in the “questions” segment that followed Miss Sarajevo on the latter stages of U2’s 360 Tour. This can be heard  also on the fan club release CD U22 at the intro to Zooropa where she ask’s “why did you have to leave?”.

Harbour in Skerries (Irish: Na Sceirí)

Harbour in Skerries (Irish: Na Sceirí)

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