Video: Blue Mosque in Istanbul Sultan Ahmed Mosque

on Mar-20-2014 in Turkey

This video shows you the exterior and interior of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque which is commonly known as the Blue Mosque due to the blue tiles from Iznik (Nicaea) inside of it.

At the age of 19, Sultan Ahmed I instructed the architect Sedefkar Mehmet Aga to build this mosque. The construction started in 1609 and was finalised in 1617.

The mosque has 4 pillars which are 5 metres big and were given the name “fil paye” which means elephant feet because they look like feet of an elephant. Inside you can see several golden Arabic words written onto a blue background. These words are quotations from the Qur’an.

The entrance is free and it may be closed for normal visitors during prayer times. You have to take your shoes off before entering the prayer halls and dress appropriately. Women need to cover themselves up. Basically hide as much skin as possible. You can borrow special clothing inside before entering the mosque. The mosque also provided plastic bags for the shoes. Men should wear long trousers and t-shirts, preferably long-sleeve shirts.

The interior of the mosque was really beautiful. The visitor area is separated through a small divider from the main praying area. You can still see it but not enter it.

With an approximate size of 2,600 m², the main praying area can accommodate up to 10,000 worshippers at a time.  The mosque is light up by some fascinating lights which hang down from the high sealing.

The mosque is definitely worth a visit. It can get very busy during the day so you want to watch that.

You can donate money at the end of your visit if you wish to.

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