Video: Funny Part 1 Emirates Air Line To Greenwich Peninsula

on Dec-30-2013 in London

This video features our ride with the cable car in London from the Royal Docks to the Greenwich Peninsula. Part 2 shows you the O2 Arena and the return journey.
If you are scared of heights listen to Paul’s advice 😉 so funny.

Follow this link to see the second part

The cable car is operated by the public transport of London. You can buy the tickets online or directly at the stations. We actually used our Oyster cards*.

You can access the Emirates Air-Line from the Royal Docks or from the Greenwich Peninsula.

Details of the Emirates Air Line (last checked January 2014)

Ticket prices

Adult 360 sightseeing tour: GBP 8.60* (approx. USD 14.15, EUR 10.30, CNY 86.65)

Adult single journey: GBP 4.30 (USD 7.08, EUR 5.15, CNY 43.32)

Adult return: GBP 8.60 (approx. USD 14.15, EUR 10.30, CNY 86.65)

Child (ages 5 to 15 years) 360 Sightseeing Tour: GBP 4.40 (approx. USD 7.25, EUR 5.25, CNY 44.30)

Child single: GBP 2.20 (approx. USD 3.60, EUR 2.63, CNY 22.15)

Child return: GBP 4.40 (approx. USD 7.25, EUR 5.25, CNY 44.30)

Children under the age of 5 travel for free accompanied with an adult.

The normal journey one-way is approx. 10 minutes long although there are shorter journeys during the week.

Oyster Card

Oyster Card

*The 360 sightseeing tour allows you a complete round trip without having to get off. If you have an Oyster Card then you can also have a reduction of GBP 2.20 on this ticket. The Oyster card is a travel card that allows you to top up money onto card and pay as you go on the London public transport without having to buy paper tickets each time. In most cases it is a cheaper way to pay for single journeys. It is good to have if you are in London for a longer period of time or in case you travel to London on a regular basis. To obtain a standard Oyster Card, there is a minor deposit of GBP 5.00 (approx. USD 8.20, EUR 6.00, CNY 50.30). If you are travelling to London in 2-3 weeks+ then you can also pre-order a travel Oyster Card that costs GBP 3.00 (approx. USD 5.00, EUR 3.59, CNY 30.20) plus postage. However, it seems to be cheaper to get them there. The postage and the card fee of GBP 3.00 seems to be more for most countries than the deposit (which you can get back). The only advantage is that you have the card before you travel to London and you don’t have to search for the special ticket sellers as not all of them sell the Oyster Card.

Note: Apparently the Oyster Card ticket sellers try to charge GBP 3.00 when you are buying it in London from the ticket office, however, this is just a registration fee and you don’t really need this unless you put really big amounts of cash on it and you would like to ensure that. Children require a special photo ID Oyster Card. Unless you are really going to London with your child/ren all the time, this is again not really necessary.

This Is The Icon - The Yellow White One

This Is The Icon – The Yellow White One

Once you have purchased your Oyster Card and/or topped up the card, you simply hold the card onto the place with this icon (see picture) before you enter the public transport and when you exit it. You will see how much the journey cost before you exit on a small display.

Alternatively, you can always check your balance on the machines where you top up the Oyster Card.

Opening hours:


Mon to Fri 07am to 09pm

Sat 08am to 09pm

Sun 09am to 09pm


Mon to Fri 07am to 8pm

Sat 8am to 8pm

Sun 9am to 8pm

On public holidays during the week, the Air Line is running on a Saturday schedule.

It is closed on Christmas Day, which is the 25th of December and may be closed during bad weather.

Click here to visit the website of the public transport of London

Follow this link to see the website for booking the tickets online

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